Information clause regarding personal data protection

How do we process your personal data?

The construction company "Rybak" Arkadiusz Rybak (hereinafter referred to as: the Administrator) in the light of legal regulations is the administrator of personal data in the form of: the applicant's name (e.g. : name and surname, name, warranty card number, date of issuing the warranty card, e-mail, telephone number). This means that they remain responsible for their use in a safe manner, in accordance with the contract, inquiries, correspondence with our company as well as applicable regulations.

The Administrator uses the obtained personal data when making inquiries, reporting maintenance services, signing a contract and during its term for the following purposes:

1) conclusion and execution of a contract - for the duration of the contract and settlements after its termination (legal basis: Article 6 paragraph 1 b) of the GDPR, in short "performance of the contract");
2) performance of legal obligations imposed on the Administrator, e.g.

a) issuing and storing invoices and accounting documents,
b) responding to letters and inquiries in the time and form provided for by law.

The administrator will use the data needed to fulfill legal obligations:

a) for the duration of the duties, e.g. issuing an invoice (legal basis: Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR; in short "legal obligation");
b) for the period in which the provisions order the storage of data, e.g. tax data (legal basis: legal obligation) or
c) for a period during which the Administrator may incur legal consequences of non-performance of the obligation, for example, receive a financial penalty from the state offices or further contracting parties of the Administrator (legal basis: Article 6 paragraph 1 f) RODO; in short, "legitimate interest");

3) detection and prevention of fraud - for the duration of the contract (legal basis: performance of the contract), and then for the period after which claims arising from the contract expire, and in the case of the Administrator's claims or notification of competent authorities - for the duration of such proceedings (legal basis: legally justified interest of the Administrator);

4) establishing, defense and pursuing claims, which includes sale of the Administrator's receivables resulting from the contract to another entity - for a period after which the claims resulting from the contract expire (legal basis: legally justified interest of the Administrator);

5) direct marketing - for the duration of the contract (legal basis: legally justified interest of the Administrator);

6) creating statements, analyzes and statistics for internal needs of the Administrator; this includes, in particular, reporting, marketing research, service development planning - for the duration of the contract, and then no longer than for the period after which the claims under the contract expire (legal basis: the legitimate interest of the Administrator);

7) verification of payment credibility - for the period necessary to make such an assessment when concluding, extending or expanding the scope of this or another contract and to investigate related claims (legal basis: performance of the contract); this also applies to data obtained by the Administrator from other sources;

The administrator will not make profiling, that is, automated analysis of your personal data and develop any predictions about preferences or future behaviors.

To conclude a contract, prepare an offer or make a service request, the Administrator requires you to provide data on a copy of the order (if you do not provide it, no contract will be concluded or no offer will be made). In addition, the Administrator may request optional data that does not affect the conclusion of the contract (if the Administrator does not receive it, they will not be able to call the contact number, advise and supervise the implementation of the Contract, a service order or an inquiry). Providing data at the conclusion of the contract is not a statutory requirement.

Who does the Administrator transfer your data to? Your personal data is transferred to the following:

1) entities that process data on behalf of the Administrator, participating in the Administrator's activities:

a) supporting the Administrator's IT systems or providing teleinformation tools to the Administrator,
b) subcontractors supporting the Administrator,
c) entities providing the Administrator with advisory, consulting, auditing, legal, tax and accounting services acting on behalf of the Administrator;

2) other data administrators that process data on their own behalf:
a) entities providing postal or courier services;
b) entities conducting money payment operations (banks, payment institutions);
c) entities cooperating with the Administrator when handling accounting, tax and legal matters - to the extent they become data administrators;

Will your data go beyond the European Economic Area (EEA)?

Currently, the Administrator does not plan to transfer data outside the EEA (including the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

Automatic decision making

The administrator does not take automatic decisions that have any significant effect on you.

Your rights.

You can submit your request to the Administrator (regarding personal data) about the following:

1) rectification (correction) of data;
2) deletion of data processed unreasonably or placed on the Administrator's websites
3) limitation of processing (interruption of data operations or failure in deletion of data - according to the submitted application);
4) access to data (for information about data processed by the Administrator and for a copy of data);
5) transfer of data to another data administrator or to you (within the scope defined in article 20 of the GDPR).

You can use these rights by sending an application by mail or e-mail to the following address: To make sure that you are entitled to submit an application, the Administrator may ask for additional information allowing the applicant to authenticate. The scope of each of these rights and the situations in which they can be exercised result from the provisions of law. The rights that you can use will depend, for example, on the legal basis of the Administrator's use of the data and the purpose of its processing.

The right to object.

Regardless of the rights mentioned above, you can object at any time to the processing of your data (including profiling) for direct marketing purposes. After accepting the application in this case, the Administrator is obliged to stop processing data for this purpose. In special cases, you can object at any time to the processing of personal data by the Administrator (including profiling) if the basis for the use of the data is legitimate interest of the Administrator or the public interest. In such a situation, after considering your application, the Administrator will not be able to process the personal data covered by the objection on this basis, unless the Administrator shows that there are:

1) important legally justified grounds for the processing of data which, according to the law, are considered superior to your interests, rights and freedoms or

2) grounds for establishing, investigating or defending claims.


If any use of your personal data by the Administrator is not necessary for the performance of the contract, the fulfillment of the legal obligation or does not constitute a legitimate interest of the Administrator, the Administrator may ask for permission for certain uses of your data. You can withdraw your consent at any time (this will not affect the lawful use of your data before withdrawal of such consent).


You have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the regulations of law.

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