activPilot Ergo

Technical description:

activPilot Ergo, the ergonomically controlled turn-tilt fitting system from Winkhaus, creates windows, which are second to none with regard to convenience and user-friendly operation. The horizontal handle installed at the bottom, which is used to control the shear system now means that even difficult-to-access windows can be operated easily and comfortably; such as elements located high up in the room or behind wide tables, or which would otherwise be inaccessible to the user due to a physical condition.

In contrast to conventional windows, the handle of windows including activPilot Ergo fittings is mounted on the bottom horizontal sash profile. The handle only has to be turned 180 degrees to tilt the window. The rest is carried out by the integrated control unit with no additional force required. It goes without saying that the windows can also be opened in the 90 degree position.

An innovative technology, which offers attractive benefits in the stairs area, bathroom or kitchen, for example.