Among the post-beam facades the most technologically advanced construction of the company is the MB-TT50 system. It is based on a completely new approach to the construction of profiles and accessories for leaktightness and thermal insulation as well as facade assembly technology. Thanks to this, we can offer a product characterized by one of the highest technical parameters among the aluminum facade systems available on the market, perfectly suited to the needs of energy-saving and passive construction.

MB-SR50N post and beam façade is one of the most significant products included in the company’s offer of ALUPROF facade systems. It has versions with increased thermal insulation: MB-SR50N HI and MB-SR50N HI +, as well as options that enable preparation of structures of different appearance such as vertical or horizontal lines or a ’semi-structural’ facade MB-SR50N EFEKT. As far as opening elements are concerned the MB-SR50N system  is the basis for such constructions as MB-SR50N OW tilt and withdraw windows, MB-SR50N IW façade faced windows, and incredibly aesthetic and functional MB-SR50N RW roof windows. The MB-SR50N is also a base for MB-SR50N EI fire resistant facades and glass roofs. Roof structures based on the system, just like facades, can be optionally made in a fire resistant version.

ALUPROF Facade systems