Fire protection and smoke exhaust systems

We offer to you smoke exhaust and fire prevention systems that allow for the construction of a variety of building elements responsible for the organization of fire zones in the buildings and which guarantee adequate conditions for evacuation of people. The scope of the above solutions includes both products that are structurally related to the group of window and door systems as well as those based on facade post and beam systems. The fire resistance indexes of this type of these constructions place them in classes EI15 to EI120 depending on the requirements for vertical constructions, while for roofs in class REI20 / RE30.

The products that are responsible for the safety of building users during fire include:

- MB-78EI system, which includes internal and external separators and hinged doors in classes EI15 to EI90.
- non-mullion MB-78EI walls in classes EI30 and EI60
- Automatic MB-78EI DPA sliding door in class EI30
- MB-118E system that allows you to make EI120 fire resistance partitions.
- Post and beam MB-SR50 EI and MB-SR50N EI façade systems in grades EI15 to EI60
- fire-rated REI20 / RE30 glass roofs, based on post-beam façade systems
- Sm and Sa class MB-45D smoke resistant doors

ALUPROF Fire protection and smoke exhaust systems